Our security solutions

Our company SIV Seguridad is in charge of alarm and surveillance management. From a pre-installation study to personalized advice, we are committed to creating custom security systems and giving you peace of mind 24 hours a day.

CCTV – Closed circuit television

We offer a wide range of cameras and accessories for surveillance systems, with advanced IP solutions.

Intrusion and access control

Solutions ranging from intrusion centers to intrusion sensors and electronic locks.

Fire protection systems

We offer analog and conventional systems, as well as CO and gas extinguishing systems.

CCTV. Advanced surveillance

With a wide range of cameras and accessories, recording, control and monitoring systems, we provide advanced CCTV solutions.

From night vision to motion detection, we customize each system to fit your company’s specific security needs.

Intrusion and access control. Protect your space

From intrusion centers to electronic locks and access control systems, our comprehensive solutions guarantee the total protection of your space, adapting to the security requirements of your business.

Fire protection. Safety in emergencies

We offer analog and conventional systems, CO and gas extinguishing systems, as well as sirens, retainers and accessories to guarantee safety in cases of fires and emergencies.


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Continuous protection

We guarantee the security of your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing constant protection against any threat.

Silent alarm

Our systems include a silent alarm that efficiently stops intrusions, acting discreetly but effectively against any threat.

Immediate help

In emergency situations, press a single button to request immediate help. Our quick and efficient response is key to your peace of mind.


Trust the experience of our leading security team, backed by years of knowledge and dedication in the field of surveillance and protection systems.


We will provide you with a fully personalized security system, adapted to the specific needs of your business, ensuring comprehensive and effective protection.

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